Open Source
All designs below are made available under the GPL (v2 or later) license.

Nothing official
None of what follows is meant to be interpreted as an official design exercise. This is merely an exploration by me (Dave Martin) in my spare time. Whether these designs are adopted or not is entirely out of my hands.


It’s been over 5 years since we updated the navigation in WordPress core. In addition, we’ve forced customers on WordPress.com to use a hand full of different navigation/interface combinations since the release of Calypso. In this design concept, I’ll explore the possibility of uniting everything into a single navigation once again.

Design Process

  • Plan: Outline project brief
  • Research: Compile spreadsheet with existing IA View
  • Research: Research examples of navigation View
  • Research: Start compiling list of constraints View
  • Design: 8 up exercise View
  • Design: Wireframe 2 options
  • Feedback: Solicit feedback on wireframes
  • Design: Iron out visual design in Figma
  • Feedback: Solicit feedback on visual design
  • Development: Build out proof of concept
  • Testing: Watch a hand full of people attempt to use this